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Christian Hotz 

/pluralzen Philokalist


Christian Hotz (°1977, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is an artist whose manifestations of the creative realm take on many forms - from painting, drawing and crafting, to audio-visual and musical works.


Christian Hotz studied science, worked in sales and marketing, though finds his meaning and joy in the creative process. His style eludes categorisation - ranging from cave paintings to generative art, from figurative to abstract - it is almost as if he is refusing to settle. With a love for beauty, nature and life as his inspiration, a diverse palette of work can be expected.

With his painting Christian Hotz did not seek gallery exposure, yet his artwork adorns many walls. For the most part these are commissioned pieces, a challenge Christian Hotz embraces. He listens, absorbs, adopts, reiterates, interprets; dissecting the inspiration of another, finding the magic.

“I want to contribute to the beauty of this world - this is my primary mission as an artist. I am a Philokalist. Beyond that I aim to create works that trigger and stimulate the mind to go forward to that which is beyond sense. When I get to witness an on an onlooker or listener's joyful bewilderment , I have achieved my goal - not for having led them astray into the wilderness, but for providing an opportunity to puzzle their way out of a mystification. This is how we grow, this is how we become interesting for the world around us. I am motivated by love, life and the beauty around me, in whatever form it reveals itself to me.”


Christian Hotz currently lives and works in Wallonia, Belgium, and spends as much time as he can in Ireland.


Sep'08 Exposition collective "La Ferme Rose", Bruxelles, Belgique
Sep'08 "Festival de Rue des Artistes, Uccle & Saint Job", Bruxelles, Belgique Oct'13 "Le charme de La Hulpe", concours d'art et exposition de groupe.
Avr'16 "Art on Earth Day" exposition de groupe, Greenville SC, USA
Juin-Déc'21 Exposition collective "Papier et Volume", La Hulpe, Belgique
Sep'21 Exposition "Parcours d'Artistes", La Hulpe, Belgique
Mai '22 Exposition de pierre bleue gravée à 'La fête des plantes et des jardins', Les Jardins d’Aywiers" au Pierre de la Dyle.
Jun-Aug '22 Exposition "Structures" au Stockel-Store par Les Artisans Ciriers Bruxellois
Sep'22 Exposition "Parcours d'Artistes", Montegnet, Belgique


Autres projets créatifs récents

2019-2021 A écrit, enregistré et publié plusieurs singles et vidéos musicaux sous le nom d'artiste 'hoTzo' (

2021 A publié plusieurs vidéos sur la plateforme d'art numérique Sedition-Art. (

Septembre 2021 A conçu la couverture du livre de Cambridge University Press 'Legitimation as Political Practice' ( legitimation-as-political-practice/A4C10DF9CF4BFA6B6E4CAA12CC8102D4)

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